Ceylon Tea is universally known as the finest Tea in the world. It grows on the slopes ,valleys and misty mountains of Sri Lanka. The cool climate, sun shine, monsoon showers and fertile soil contributes to its exquisite flavour. Tea is grown at many elevations, High, Medium and Low grown Teas, possessing it's unique character. Dilarshad Enterprise is able to supply the finest Tea in the world, such as Garden BOP, BOP Fannings, Orange Pekoe(OP) and Pure Tea Dust. We are able to supply any standard of Tea requested by the buyer.Our Teas are all factory fresh and confirms to Sri Lanka Tea Board standard for Purity, Quality and Freshness.




Chillies are grown mainly in the Northern, North Central and North Western regions of Sri Lanka. Chilli in Pod and in Powdered form is used extensively in curries. The ripe Red Chillie Pods are usually sun dried before grinding into powder. The quantity to be used depends on how "Hot" one likes a curry to be, but some caution is recommended for first users. Another variety of Green Chillie known as "Githeyo Miris" of Maldivian origin, is also available from the highland.

Curry powder is a mixture of various spices, the most predominant of which are corriander, cummin and sweet cummin, marginal quantities of curry leaves, lemon grass, and cinnamon are also included.


The Corriander used in Curries is the ripe seed and is lightly roasted before grinding. Apart from its use in curries, Corriander is a major ingredient in medicinal preparations. Corriander Tea is considered one of the best "home" remedies for the common cold.

cummin seed has a pungent and strong aromatic flavour and is usually used as a curry powder .

Sweet cummin has a sweetish taste and is used as a flavouring in sweet dishes as well. Sweet Cummin has a fragrance of their own and enhance the aromatic quality of the curry powder.

Cloves are grown in the central hilly regions of Sri Lanka and the country has been famous for its quality of Cloves from time immemorial. The demand for Cloves is wide spread as they are used in curries as well as in other preparations.

Cloves are also considered as a powerful Antiseptic; and also sweetens the breath. Clove Tea is steadily increasing in popularity in the scented Tea market.

Sri Lanka has been a major producer and exporter of Cinnamon for centuries and the Cinnamon produced is considered to be of a very superior quality. The pungent fragrance of its bark comes from the oil.There are many gradings in Cinnamon such as "Continental", "Mexican" and "Hamburg" Grades.

The use of Cinnamon in curries is extensive, but there are several other applications (eg. Confectionery and meal-Products ) Cinnamon is popular in certain countries as a vital ingredient in the preparation of hot punches, while Cinnamon Flavoured Tea is favoured in countries where Herbal Teas are consumed.

Nutmeg grows in the central highland areas of Sri Lanka. The product is sold in seed form and is usually grated before use. The flavour is extremely strong should be used in discreet amounts. The outer covering of the seed known as Mace, is also used mainly for confectionery use.

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